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Riichi Referee Seminar 2023

May 19, 2023 in Copenhagen

Referee seminar information

Date: May 19, 2023

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Place: Haraldsgade 69, Copenhagen. See map.

Registration fee: DKK 50. Materials, lunch and drinks are included.

The seminar and test will be in English.

The material will be distributed at the seminar.

For questions about the seminar, please contact Henrik Leth.

Purpose and Content

There are two main purposes:

  • To certify EMA referees
  • In the longer term to create a common European standard for refereeing at official EMA certified competitions

The content is split into 3 major parts:

  • Rules and regulations, clarification and motivation of the rules and regulations used by EMA
  • Behaviour, how to act as referee in a different situations, and how to interact with the players
  • Certification, an individual written test to examine if the participant has grasped the key points, a certain score is needed for the certification to be granted

The content is focused on RCR, but some is also relevant for MCR.

Riichi Rulebook Cover

Expectations and Preparations

The participants are expected to show interest for:

  • Understanding and exercising the rules and fair play
  • Being a referee and help players with clarifications and guidance
  • Making sure EMA certified tournaments are refereed in a proper and orderly manner

The participants are expected to read the rules carefully within the last couple of weeks before the seminar:

Riichi – Rules for Japanese Mahjong, version from 2016
The rules exist in several languages and can be found the EMA homepage here.


Friday, 19 May

10:00-10:15 Henrik Welcome and introduction
10:15-10:45 Jesper Referee role
10:45-11:15 Henrik Rules motivation
10:30-11:30 Henrik Rules
12:15-13:00   Lunch
13:00-14:00 Jesper Etiquette
14:00-14:30 Jesper Behaviour
14:30-14:45   Questions
14:45-15:30 Henrik Test (and feedback)
15:30-16:00 Henrik Walkthrough of answers
    Certification ceremony


Seminar coaches


Henrik Leth

Henrik has been playing mahjong since 1999. He became a certified referee in both riichi and MCR in 2008, and had participated in a training seminar in Japan with professional players.


Jesper Nøhr

Jesper first discovered mahjong in Malta with a group of friends, and has been playing in Denmark since 2010. He became a certified referee in both riichi and MCR in 2012.


Catering and dinner

Tea, coffee, snacks and lunch are included in the registration fee. Soft drinks, beer and wine will be on sale for non-profit prices. Expected price per item: 6 dkk (about 80 eurocent).

No joint dinners are planned at this point.


Thursday mahjong

Join Mahjong Denmark's Thursday session. If you feel like coming early to Copenhagen, be advised that we play mahjong every Thursday at Haraldsgade 69 from 16:30 hrs. It's the door to the left of the Netto supermarket.

See map


Staying in CPH

A&O Copenhagen Nørrebro
New, low priced and only 1 km from the venue.

Wake Up Copenhagen
New and low priced. Close to Dybbølsbro S-train station and the Central station.